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Trenčianske Teplice
Historic library of the Chateau Appony
Trenčín - city tour, entrance to the Trenčín castle with a guide, opportunity to purchase refreshments at Hotel Elizabeth
Monastery Skalka
Trenčianske Teplice
Historical library of Chateau Appony
The historic library (from 1392) of the Appony dynasty is a unique masterpiece and a treasure hidden inside the Renaissance Chateau Appony that was after an extensive renovation transformed into a luxury hotel. The library offers its visitors historical knowledge in unknown quantities  every single sheet of those rare documents and precious books, which are carefully hidden inside the library, have the smell of the past centuries.
Chateau Appony 1  Chateau Appony 2  Chateau Appony Library 1
Trencin 1The City of Trenčín is in the center of the Považie region. Together with Nitra and Bratislava, Trenčín belongs to the oldest Slovak cities, chronicled as early as in the 11th century. Its strategic location near three Carpathian mountain passes on the crossroads of commercial routes, has always determined the character of the city as a significant landmark. 
Trencin 2As early as in the ancient times, the famous Jasper Road used by the Etruscan, Greek, and later Roman merchants to transport precious jasper from the Baltic region, was crossing Trenčín. However, earliest archaeological findings show the presence of early humans in Trenčín and its surrounding regions as early as 200 000 years ago.
Trencin 3In the present, it is the administrative center of the Trenčín Regional Government Unit, which consists of 9 Districts. Thanks to its advantageous location, Trenčín is an important commercial, economic, cultural and sport center.  It is also known as the “City of fashion“.  Numerous institutions and companies have their headquarters and branches located in Trenčín. Expositions and fairs also have a long lasting tradition in Trenčín.
Hotel Elizabeth
 hotel Elizabeth exterhotel Elizabeth inter 1hotel Elizabeth inter 2Hotel Elizabeth, originally named “Erszebet Szalo”, was built by Baron Armin Popper. It
started its operations on January 1, 1902 and it immediately became part of the
social and cultural life of the city of
Trenčín. In 1921, the hotel was renamed “Hotel Tatra”. Nobility met here with perfect comfort and service of Viennese facilities. In 2006, SYNOT GASTRO SLOVAKIA, a.s., became the new owner of the hotel. In 2010, extensive reconstruction, redevelopment and extension of the premises began, to make sure it will accommodate the needs to its guests with four star excellence and quality.
The historical Hotel Elizabeth is uniquely located directly below the medieval castle, in the centre of the City of Trenčín.
Guests to the hotel may admire the nearly 2000 year old Roman Inscription on the castle rock from the hotel`s summer terrace.
Trenčín castle
Trencin castle 1Trencin Castle Well The dominant of Trenčín and whole Middle-Váh-Valley (Považie) keeps guard over the old mercantile routes connecting the Mediterranean area with the Baltic and North Europe. On the locality of today´s castle was built a bulwark in the times of Great Moravia, serving as a community centre. Contemporary castle arose in the 11th century as a borderland stronghold watching important Váh fords and Carpathian passes, through which
there led mercantile routes, merging the territory of Northern Hungary and Middle-Slovak mining towns with Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia and Poland. In the next centuries it became the domicile of borderland commitat, royal and later aristocratic county. Today there are installed exhibition rooms and many Museum´s expositions inside the castle.
Monastery Skalka
Skalka became a significant sacral site after the arrival of Saint Benedict, around the year 1031, and later after his martyrdom. St. Andrew-Svorad and St. Benedict were the first saints to be canonized in the Hungarian Kingdom, as early as in the 11th century. At that time, Skalka became an important pilgrimage site – the oldest in Slovakia and in the entire Hungarian Kingdom.
Monastery Skalka 3Monastery Skalka 2 Monastery Skalka 1  

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