Trip will be organized for a minimum of 10 participants.
Trenčianske Teplice
Historic Back Swath Railway and Village Museum Vychylovka
Slovak horologe in Stará Bystrica
Lednické Rovne - glassworks RONA - excursion; presentation of hand made glass, shopping at the company store
Trenčianske Teplice
Village Museum Vychylovka
Vychylovka 1Kysuce Village Museum Vychylovka in Nova Bystrica is located in the picturesque valley Chmúra, the part of the protected area Kysuca. Its unique flora and fauna along with beautiful traditional architecture creates unique scenery for the visitor. Every year during the season the visitors can see examples of work artisans, performances of folk groups and ensembles with examples of work and ceremonial folk customs, preparation of traditional meals and other activities. The small fields next to the houses present the three farming system, which was used in Kysuce.
Vychylovka 3Vychylovka train
Besides buildings of folk architecture, an important technical monument can be seen, a- narrow-gauge forest rail with back swath system, that once connected the Kysuca and Orava. At present, the mountain railway is the sole functioning historic Back Swath Railway in Europe and one of a few in the world. The others are in south America and India). It was established in 1926 and originally reached the length of 110 km in hilly terrain. Until the seventies, the railway served mostly for transporting tribes of wood from the forest. Since its reconstruction it transports visitors to a romantic 3.6 km long path passing through the village museum area. It has its own timetable, according to which transports the visitors during the Summer season. 
 Slovak horologe in Stará Bystrica
 Slovensky orloj 1 Slovensky orloj 2 Slovensky orloj 4
Within the reconstruction of the village square one of the youngest horologe in the world was built and completed in 2009. Its author is a famous Slovak sculptor Viliam Loviška. Horologe has the shape of a stylized form of the Virgin Mary Seven Sorrows, saint patron of Slovakia. It is designated as the largest wooden statue in Slovakia. External decorations are the statues of most famous individuals from Slovak history: Prince Pribina, King Svatopluk, Anton Bernolák, Ľudovít Štúr, Milan Rastislav Štefánik, Andrej Hlinka.

Hourly figurines of Saints appear. They are also associated with Slovak history: Cyril, Methodius, Svorad, Benedikt, Gorazd, Bystrík and Vojtech. Horologe's bells are named St. Juraj and Riečnická Madonna; the first one rebuffs time, the second one accompanies Saints.

The part of the horologe forms astronomical astrolabe showing signs of the zodiac, the sun and moon positions and lunar phase. The time is computer controlled by the DCF77 signal.
Glassworks RONA
glass 2RONA 1RONA founded in 1892 by Viennese „Schreiber & Neffen“. The name of the glassworks „RONA“ is based on the village´s name.

The parts of the glassworks include a production plant, a logistics center and the castle, earlier the residence of the founders and currently the administrative and commercial center with business meeting points and a showroom. Shortly after the foundation, the dexterous glassmakers and the quality of their products pushed RONA glassworks to leading position within Slovakia. Most of the production with also gastronomy glass has been intended for export. Since 1897, the glassworks supplied the products to a number of prestigious hotels, also to the world-famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

Throughout its 120 years history, the plant has strived to be continuously at the forefront of
technological development in the glass industry, applying numerous innovations. Out of many milestones, in 1896 the glassworks put into operation the first ever machine for pantographic glass decorating in continental Europe. In 1956, it was the first glass factory in the world that started to produce hand-made glasses with pulled-stem technology.
More recently, in 2001 RONA, started as the first worldwide automatic mass machine-made production of double-blown, pulled-stem glassware, the most progressive technology in production of drinking glasses.

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