The procedures in package SPA No.1    


*Essential bath 
essential bath
Tub baths combined with a mixture of different extracts of aromatic herbs or salts, according to the desired effect. Bath calms, adding of herbal extracts intensifies the relaxing effect according to the type of ingredients. Recommended for burning statuses, to eliminate stress factors and to improve overall harmonization of the body.
Baths can also be with bubbles - the soft bubble massages will multiply their effect.
Duration: 40 min



*Limoplast lining
limoplast lining
The thermal treatment procedure with applying warm lining with fango mixed with paraffin. Heat transferred to the body improves blood circulation, has analgesic effects and relieves muscle tension.
It is suitable for all chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
Duration: 40 min



*The common entrance for 25 people  to the SINA-Hammam including a glass of wine and a belly dancer show
Hammam 4
The Pool Sina is the most favorite pool. With the temperatures as high as 39.1°C is ideal for everyone, who likes hot baths. The pool is a mirror, i.e. the spring ends directly in the pool. After a 20 minute bath, you will relax in a dry pack. The pool is connected with the historical sight Hammam.
Duration: 60 min


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