The procedures in package SPA No.2   


*Nordic walking with the special sticks and guide 
- will be organized for a minimum of 8 participants 
Nordic walking is walking in natural terrain with varying difficulty, in which the walker uses a pair of special sticks. It is modern and simple, and also effective method of fitness training and natural relaxation exercises of the musculoskeletal system.
It is an ideal physical activity for all ages, including seniors with degenerative spine diseases, weight-bearing joints, disorders of balance, stability and coordination, or vascular diseases. Its application in rehabilitation is relatively large and attractive for patients.
Duration: 60 min



*Bath in a thermal Pool of MUDr. Čapek - PI
bazen vnutorny
The pool is ideal for everybody who loves modern baths. The temperature of the water in the new renovated pool is pleasant 37.3°C. After bath, you will relax in a dry pack.
Duration: 60 min



*Classic massage
The system of mechanical impulses performed manually with a set of specific touches on the patient’s body. Massage emulsions are used during massages to increase its effectiveness.
Effect of massage: it is general (affecting the nervous system and blood circulation) and local - influencing skin, subcutaneous tissue, lymphatic systems and muscles, having beneficial effect to blood circulation and relaxation of muscles.
Recommended for almost all musculoskeletal disorders, especially for muscle fatigue to speed recovery and increase the muscle shape.
Duration: 15 min


Sponsors / Exhibitors

How to participate?


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